About Us

For many business owners and marketing directors, the world web design and online marketing can be a source of pain in your business.

Digital marketing is always evolving, web developers are notoriously flakey, and understanding how it all works is a daunting task.

My goal for you is to bring clarity and confidence with a strategy that will take you past these hurdles. Since 2005, we’ve been helping people just like you grow faster and get the most out of your website and online presence.

Jeff Venn, Owner & CEO

Jeff Venn, Owner & CEO

Our Culture

Our company is as diverse as the people in it. We offer a range of services and have a unique group of people with innumerable qualifications and unlimited talent.

Below are some things you can expect from Create Studios staff. We will:

  • Be Friendly
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Available
  • Be Communicative
  • Be Organized

We do not answer our phones or emails after 6pm or on weekends.

We use this time for ourselves and our families.

We use this time for ourselves and our families.

Nurturing the Work like balance is important.

Our Team

Jeff Venn

Owner & CEO, Mentor, Surfer, Philosopher.

Stephanie Giera

Marketing Maven, Creative Director, Unicorn.

Jessica Rogers

Senior Account Manager, Grammar Police, Coffee Enthusiast.

Janio Araujo

Head Web Designer, Design Shaman, Adventurer.

Sergey Manuylov

Head Web Developer, Coding Wizard, The Russian.

Roni Soud

Digital Ads Expert, 90’s Rap Aficionado, Pickles... Just Pickles.