• CEO & Founder
  • Mentor
  • Surfer
  • Philosopher


My name is Jeff. I’m a free-thinking creative who is always dreaming big and chasing the magic. I love inspiring people to achieve their goals and think for themselves. I’m not afraid to challenge assumptions and the beliefs society has scripted for us as infallible truths – they’re not.

At Create Studios, we’ve carved out our own unique culture and approach to work that isn’t some meaningless, stifling grind. We love each other, have fun together, and do great work. We’re always improving, always learning, and we’ll never stop growing.

My goal in life is to inspire people to achieve their highest potential.

Get to Know Me


What is your superpower?

Discipline -- if I have a desire to achieve, eliminate, or change something I will master it and get it done


What is your favorite app?

Spotify for soundtracking my life, Slack for work communication


What is your theme song?

Don’t have one



Physical activity, connecting with forward-thinking people, journaling, thinking, loving life


Who is your hero?

Maybe it’s you -- life itself is dynamic and ever-changing and the right people come along at the right time to inspire you