Alex Varian


My name is Alex. I’m a creative person and can be very detail-oriented. I am extremely extroverted the majority of the time but need an occasional recharge. I have spent a good portion of my adult life touring in a band. This has allowed me to not only live out a childhood dream, but also gain new perspectives on people and other cultures, not to mention trying food from all over the world!

At Create Studios I’m an account manager. I specialize in moving projects forward and keeping clients informed on what’s going on. I previously spent time building online ad campaigns, newsletters, social calendars, and doing on-site SEO work, so I have a lot of experience there as well.

Get to Know Me


What is your superpower?



What is your favorite app?

Wordscapes. I love doing word puzzles and playing brain games.


What is your theme song?

Too many to choose just one!



Playing music, gardening, cooking, watching hockey, hanging out with friends and having great conversation.


Who is your hero?

Anyone who tries to make the world a better place.