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How site speed affects your Google Ranking and Lead Conversions

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Speed KillsThe Google Update

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have any reason to think about how fast your website loads.

“It loads fast enough. Been that way since we launched it,” you say.

But fast enough may not be good enough for Google anymore.

My guess is you didn't hear about the "Google speed update" that rolled out earlier this year.

Faster Sites How Your Site Speed Affects Your Google Rankings and Ultimately Your Leads

Google wants to give users the best experience with their search results.

If you search "Dentist near me," Google wants to serve you the websites that load immediately when you click on them.

Waiting and waiting for a website to load results in a “bounce” - that’s when a user hits the back button and immediately leaves the site.

Google recognized this behavior, especially on mobile phones, and began experimenting with site speed as a ranking factor when determining what sites to show first.

In the last 3 years, Google made it official and rolled it out on all searches.

Site Speed and
Lead Conversion So what happens when your site loads slowly?

A 2021 Google study revealed a direct correlation between bounce rate and your site speed - meaning the percentage of people that jump off your site because they didn't find what they were looking for.

As your page load time increases so does the chance of that visitor not even waiting for the page to load and move on.

That's a lost opportunity!

There are some great tools to audit your site speed.
Our favorite is GTMetrix.


Improving your site speed is key to maximizing both your Google rankings and the number of people who stay and browse your site.
For a more detailed report, we recommend using the free page grader at https://gtmetrix.com/.

More Leads,
Less Spend How we’re using site speed to get more leads with less spend

We work with a Medicaid healthcare company in New York, where most of their traffic comes from social media ads and Google search with visitors on their phones. We noticed over 90% of their website visits from paid ads came from a mobile phone.

Using GTMetrix we found their load PageSpeed score came in at a “C”. A slower load time results in an increase in visitors leaving immediately with a page “bounce.”

How Did We Make Their Site Faster?

This is where things get kinda technical and you probably need web developer help. As a matter of fact, we utilize a specialist who just focuses on website speed improvements.

After running the website scan, this is what we found:

It’s best to tackle the low hanging fruit first. Using the 80/20 rule and focus on the changes that are easy and make a big impact.

We enabled compression, turned on browser caching, and optimized their images. Here’s the “after” picture for the same New York health care provider.

They moved from a “C” grade to an “A”. The end result:

  • Less money spent on paid ads as more visitors stayed on the site.
  • Improved Google rankings.

How to Improve Your Site Speed While testing your site speed only takes a few clicks to see your score, the improvements require a pro touch.

We’re offering you a free audit of your site speed including diagnosing where the low hanging fruit is to make it even faster.

Here’s out it works:

  1. Free Audit - Your speed audit and review is free.
  2. Audit + Improvements - We can tackle the changes for you at a fixed price.

We have the expertise and tools to maximize your site speed and keep it running at full efficiency.

Our site speed package includes:

  • Baselining your site speed
  • Identifying the non-performing elements.
  • Make the improvements
Free Site Speed Audit

Initial Site Speed Audit
Identify YSlow Factors
Complimentary Video Analysis



Time line

1 Week

Site Speed Audit + Improvements

Dedicated Project Manager
Initial Site Speed Audit
Identify YSlow Factors
Improve the Site Speed &
Coding Changes
QA Checklist and Testing
Deploy New Site
Document before and after



Time line

3 Weeks

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