Why Creating a Playbook May Be the Easiest Marketing Decision You Make This Year.

“I Want That!”
A Swiss Army Knife for Your Business

Chances are you’ve never heard of a business playbook in the sense that we are about to describe here. There’s still very little information out there to help people understand what exactly playbooks are, how they are used, and how incredibly powerful they can be for your business.

Many of our clients who have peeked into Create’s playbook have told us, “I want that!”, and so we have started creating playbooks for some of our clients.

It’s Bobby’s Swiss Army Knife!

Bobby Guerra, CEO of Axiom, is using their Playbook like a swiss army knife.

Axiom, an IT company we highly recommend, uses their playbook as the perfect conversation starter for cold sales intros, recruiting new talent, and forging new channel partner relationships.


What Is It?

A playbook is a finely calibrated content instrument that is used as a first point of sale and lead qualification tool. Think of it as a piece of ambassador content for your company.

It provides information about:

  • Your company
  • Its goods and services
  • Your company ethos and what clients can expect when working with you
  • What prospects can expect and how they can engage with you
  • The typical range of investment that prospective clients can expect when contracting with you

The Elements of a Playbook

Powerful Visuals

Every picture tells a story, and the more concise the story-telling vehicle is, the more important it is that each and every picture tells the right story. Any design agency will tell you that the visuals can make or break the message. It’s as much of an art as it is a science to get the visual communication just right.

We look at the psychology of your ideal customers and match that with your brand in order to create the perfect playbook design.


Playbooks are incredibly useful because they can be:

  • Emailed or downloaded in PDF format
  • Live on your website
  • Turned into a multimedia product in video or slideshow format
  • Printed

In printed format, they can be used when sitting down with a potential client as a way to anchor the discussion or to have on hand when meeting a potential lead, so that you can stay top-of-mind and make a great first impression without coming off as “salesy.”

You can simply hand them your playbook and tell them to look through it, then contact you if it feels like the right fit.


A playbook is a selling tool. Your leads will see your playbook after having made at least one other point of contact (whether that be face-to-face or online). It’s an opportunity to solidify your reputation as a company and instill confidence that you’re the right choice for your prospective client.


Not many companies use this tool yet, so it’s a perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.


No two companies are alike and no two playbooks are the same. You can’t just copy the playbook of another business. This means that your playbook will be entirely customized and will be given our fullest attention.

A playbook is a precision instrument finely calibrated to achieve the objective of selling your business to your most preferred clients or customers.

Wondering if a playbook could be beneficial for you?

Send us an email or give us a call at (904) 383-7530 to find out more about how we go about crafting playbooks that set your business apart from the rest.