Marketing is Essential to Web Development

A new website can be a good, long-term investment. But it’s not meant to be a one-size-fits-all online destination. If your website is going to be primarily for marketing purposes, the time to bring marketing into the Web development process is right from the start! While it is possible to fine-tune a website post-launch, you’ll definitely appreciate how much easier things can be if you have your marketing plan in place first. Here’s why.

Websites Must Have a Clear Purpose

Websites are designed to deliver a message to visitors. They also need to be created with specific objectives and goals in mind. When marketing is there from the start, Web designers can get a better idea of what features to include and how to set up everything up for the intended visitors. If your marketing goals are an afterthought following website development, you’ll end up doing a lot more work to get the expected results with your site. Think about your objectives by clarifying:

Websites Need to Be In Line with the Buyer’s Journey

People come to websites at different points in the buying cycle. Some visitors will be ready to convert right away, while others will need some additional nudging in the form of supplemental info on your website. By mapping out the buyer’s journey as it applies to what you are offering, developers can create a site that’s welcoming to visitors at the specific stages of the buyer’s journey you want to focus on.

Websites Should Reflect Your Brand’s Tone/Image

Every brand has its own unique tone and image. You will need to make sure that your designers know what kind of tone you want your website to reflect, especially if you want to keep everything aligned with how your brand is represented elsewhere. This means breaking down your brand’s image and messaging by:

Websites Are Meant to Be Useful Resources

Searchers are coming to your site with a specific purpose in mind. So, your website needs to be created in a way that’s useful for your intended audience. Let your development team know as much information as possible about the products or services you’ll be offering and the specific reasons visitors will likely be coming to your site. Go a step further and give them a road map to follow with a detailed content marketing plan specific to what you plan to include on your website. Developers can then use these details to:

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