What domain name should I choose for my new web design?

This is a common question startup and new businesses ask when developing their Jacksonville web design.

Many times their favorite domain is not available. For example, our top pick for a domain name would be www.CreateStudios.com but it was already taken.

In summary, here is how you choose a domain name for you new web design:

1. Buy the closest possible domain name match if your domain name is already taken.

2. Make sure your domain name is short and sweet – easy to say over the phone, in person, or print out.

3. Stay away from hyphenated domain names.

4. Stick with .com domain names. Don’t use .net, .me, .biz etc…

5. Use domainsbot.com to find great domain name ideas that are not taken.

For the reasoning behind these five new domain name web design tips, read on:

#1 Buy the Closest Possible Domain Name Match
In our situation www.CreateStudios.com was unavailable, so we purchased CreateWebStudios.com and it has fit us well. You can see available domains and ideas at www.domainsbot.com.

#2 Make Sure You Can Easily Say It and Spell It Out To People
We learned this the hard way. We first purchased www.createwds.com which stood for Create Web Development Studios. The problem with this domain is it was very hard to say over the phone when giving out an email address or trying to get people to pull up our website. Very often for www.createwds.com they called it “Create Words”, which wasn’t funny!

Your domain name could also land up on many different mediums, from business cards to billboards. Is it easy to print out? Or is it a mouthful like TheJacksonvilleWebDesignTeam.com? Make it as short and sweet as possible.

#3 Only use .com
People always want to buy .net, .biz, .me or other domain names. It seems like a good idea since your first choice may be available, but don’t do it. Why? Unless you are a non-profit (.org) or an educational site (.edu) stick with .com domain names. When have you ever see a .biz name come up in the search rankings? Or a .me name? Domain names with .net are ok, but once again, when talking to people you really have to make that distinction thesismydomain.net. By default they will assume .com

#4 Never use hyphens if possible
A domain name like create-studios.com would seem like a good option for us to have tried, but hyphens are difficult to say on the phone or tell people in person. They are also not memorable. People won’t remember hyphenated sites like they will non hyphenated sites.

#5 Use DomainsBot.com
This free service generates many domain name ideas for you. It’s free. You can search for “web design” or “carpet cleaning” and it will come up with many possible variants.