SEO Trends

While certainly not a new concept, search engine optimization (SEO) remains one of the most effective ways to keep your brand and your products and services front and center on search engine results pages. Even so, some naysayers continue to predict the demise of SEO. But the fact is that SEO is highly adaptive to what matters most to searchers. In fact, more than 40,000 searches are made every second on Google and just over 80 percent of shoppers are in the habit of doing some research online first before making a purchase. When it comes to levering the power of SEO, there are some important trends to be aware of as you plan your online engagement strategy…

Voice Search Is Having More of an Impact

Voice search is probably something you do without even realizing it every time you speak to your phone. It’s also the way many consumers are finding the info they need online. While half of all teens perform at least one voice search per day, it’s not a trend that’s relegated to younger searchers. Approximately 40 percent of all adults are doing the same thing. And voice search isn’t a passing fade. It’s predicted that within the next few years more than half of all searching will be voice-generated rather than text-based. Be prepared for the voice search trend by:

Progressive Web Apps and Mobile Display Are Must-Haves

While standard apps come in handy, they also take up space on devices. The great thing about progressive Web apps (PWA), which mix elements of mobile and Web applications, is that they function like a website — plus they show up on search results pages. Basically, websites that work like apps, PWAs are also appealing since they’re accessed via browsers, so they don’t have to be stored on devices. Alternatively, search engines are now starting to rank site higher that are fast to load. Slower site are starting to drop in the rankings. Learn more about how to improve your site speed here. 

Searchers Want More Comprehensive Content

Sure, there’s something to be said for being concise and to the point with your content. But Google also prefers more comprehensive content, which means word counts around 1,200 to 2,000 words. This doesn’t mean you have to start randomly stuffing more content onto your website. But you can find ways to provide access to more detailed on content where it makes sense to do so, like on your blog page or via social media with things like Facebook’s Instant Articles. It’s also easier to naturally work keywords into longer forms of content.

Security Is a Must

SEO can be affected in some ways that aren’t so obvious, such as the security of your website. Sites without HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, are likely to be displayed with a warning that the website isn’t secure, which could drive some visitors away. There’s already research showing that non-secure sites don’t rank as high as secure ones.

Mobile Search Is More Important Than Ever

Google started making plans for mobile-first indexing in 2015. Full implementation is expected in 2018. In a nutshell, it means Google will consider how a website appears and functions on mobile devices first. The simplest way to be prepared is to opt for a responsive website design, which means your site will adjust to whatever screen it’s being viewed on. Since most consumers now use mobile devices anyway, it’s a good idea to make mobile a priority if you haven’t done so already. Accomplish this goal by:

Another important trend that affects SEO today is the increased access to data on just about every type of customer behavior. Dive into this data to gain valuable insights about your intended audience you can use to produce content that will likely be relevant to what they expect. It’s the nature of your content that will ultimately drive traffic to your website.

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