SEO Trends That May Benefit Your Business

Search engine optimization is not a new concept. But SEO is constantly evolving to adapt to how people search for information relevant to what they’re looking for online and how they are looking for it, with images and videos being especially popular on search engines these days. SEO in all of its various forms plays an important role in how businesses connect with customers. Read on, to learn what current SEO trends may benefit your business.

Voice Search Dominates Global Trends

No matter what audience is being targeted by your business, the dominant global trend right now is voice search. Since 2015, mobile search has outranked desktop searches, and a lot of what people do with their devices is, speak to get results. For this reason, optimizing for mobile is just as important as keeping voice search in mind since these two trends are related. Specifically, the global rise of voice search means:

• Using conversational keywords people tend to speak when doing a voice search
• Providing answers to commonly spoken questions about your business in your content
• Using location-suggesting keywords such as “near me” to connect searchers looking for products and services in your area to your business based on their detected location

Local SEO Is No Longer Optional

Google’s three-pack results (top three businesses relevant to what a searcher is looking for) show up in more than 90 percent of searches with local intent. With roughly 50 percent of smartphone customers typically visiting a business in their area within a day after doing a search, local SEO is now a necessity. Make your business more visible to local searchers by:

• Claiming your business in online directories to avoid having incorrect NAP (business name, address, phone number) info online
• Using geo-specific keywords in your content
• Making contact info that includes directions or a map showing your location easy to find on your website
• Including reviews and ratings on your site (customer reviews carry more weight with local searchers)

Search Is Predictive and Personal

Optimization isn’t just reactive in response to what people are searching for. SEO today is also predictive and even more personal. Because of the widespread use of mobile devices and social sites, it’s easier than ever to access data from customers’ search queries. This info can be used to direct more relevant content to searchers based on their known preferences and habits.

SEO is not an independent strategy or marketing tactic. It’s directly tied to website design and other aspects of online marketing. Get the assistance you need with SEO and related brand visibility tasks by making Create Web Studios part of your team. Contact us today to learn more about our services.