Newsletters and What They Can Do For Your Business

When it comes to online engagement, a lot of businesses focus their attention on their social media pages and websites.

While these things are important, an often overlooked source of customer interaction is the email newsletter. While email has been around since the dawn of the Internet, it’s still a powerful way to bring your message to the right eyes thanks, in part, to its easy accessibility via mobile devices.

Here’s a closer look at what a newsletter can do for your business.

Email Newsletters Can Help Manage the Information You Want To Present

Customers are bombarded with a lot of information about the brands they choose to interact with online. The reality is that most searchers only spend a few seconds on web pages. With newsletters, you can get more in-depth about product info and what’s going on with your business—and recipients are more likely to take the time actually read it. A typical email newsletter should contain:

News about your brand, including summaries of longer articles about your business to improve readability
• Info about past or upcoming events
• Important announcements about your business
Images relevant to your newsletter content

Calls to action to encourage further interaction with your brand

Here is an example of a newsletter we did in December for one of our clients.

You’ll notice that the newsletter contains:

None of these elements are included by accident. When we create a newsletter we consider every element so that we can both give something useful and emotionally rewarding and encourage the viewer to engage with what is on offer. We have achieved remarkable open and click through rates with our thoughtful approach to crafting email newsletters.

Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

There are a lot of brands out there, so increasing awareness of yours should definitely be a priority. What strategically prepared and well-timed email newsletters can do is tap into trends, personal interests, and seasonal interests to boost the visibility of your brand. You can use your newsletter content to emphasize what makes your brand unique. Email newsletters can specifically lead to increased brand awareness by:

• Sharing compelling, relevant stories about your brand
• Forming personal connections with your recipients with newsletters divided by interests with segmented email mailing lists
• Including links to other forms of interaction with your brands like your social media pages and blog

Nudge New Prospects Towards Conversions

Online searchers are notorious window shoppers. You’ll have a lot of potential customers who will check out your web pages without making a purchase. Others will put stuff in their cart and hold off on making the actual purchase. With newsletters, you can reach out to potential new customers by providing additional information and incentives to get what they’re looking for from your business. For instance, you may inform them of an upcoming deal or special discount that might be enough of an incentive for them to complete a purchase.

Keep Existing Customers Interested

Online attention spans are ridiculously short and consumers are always being tempted with new offers from other brands. So, why not use your newsletters to keep your existing customers interested in your brand? Make them feel involved by including options to share feedback or offer opinions in your newsletters.

Make your email newsletters even more powerful by building an email mailing list slowly rather than opting to purchase one. One way to do this is by giving customers the option to sign up for your email newsletter on your website’s confirmation or thank you pages, or when they receive a confirmation email after placing an order. Doing so allows you to target customers who’ve already chosen to interact with your business, so they’re more likely to appreciate your newsletters.

Take advantage of the opportunity you have to connect with customers with carefully planned and effectively distributed email newsletters by partnering with the team at Create Web Studios. We’ve also got your SEO, blog, social media, and website design needs to be covered.We work with companies right here in Jacksonville, and as far afield as the West Coast! Contact us today to discuss your online engagement needs.

To see an example of the Christmas edition of Fuel Stop, an email newsletter that we recently sent out for one of our long-time partners, Pay4Freight, click here.

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Or contact us to chat about creating a newsletter for your business.