The Low-Down on Having a YouTube Channel for Your Business

More than a billion unique visitors come to YouTube every month—that’s about a third of all people who use the Internet. Additionally, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to this platform every minute. Are you seeing the marketing potential yet? Throw in the fact that more than half of all online searches involve video content and it’s easy to justify making YouTube engagement part of your marketing strategy. When used correctly, the third most popular website in the world can be an excellent way to attract the attention of new customers while also keeping existing ones involved with your brand.

Choose an Appropriate Video Length

YouTube videos can be up to 15 minutes in length, but you can increase the length on the video upload page. However, longer isn’t necessarily better for marketing purposes. With video length, keep the following tips in mind:

• Longer videos are more effective if you’re trying to educate consumers about how to use your products
• Shorter videos are more appealing if you want to deliver a short message about your business that’s likely to be shared by your followers
• If you have a video presentation in mind that’s going to be too long for a single video, consider breaking it down into a series of shorter videos to increase interest

Determine Your Goals Before Posting Videos

Before posting videos, know what it is you want to accomplish with your visual content. If your primary goal is to give your brand’s reputation a boost, YouTube is an excellent platform to post video testimonials. It’s also a good platform for establishing your business as a source of reliable information related to your industry. How-to videos, in particular, are popular on YouTube. But what if your main goal is to increase awareness of your brand? Videos that include office tours or an insider’s look at what’s going on behind the scenes at your business can give subscribers a better idea of what makes your business tick.

Create Your YouTube Channel

You’ll need a Gmail account to create your YouTube channel. This will also integrate your Google+ page with your channel. Choose a name for your channel. It can be your business name or you can use descriptive keywords that relate to your business. Additional steps to take when setting up your channel:

• Add a channel description and trailer to give new subscribers a brief introduction to your business
• Include your website URL at the beginning or your About Us section and video description (if you put it at the bottom, people will have to click “more” to see your description)
• Choose a category for your channel that best fits your business

Explore Your Editing Options

Avoid the temptation to post your videos and call it a day. YouTube offers a variety of editing options that will help you present better videos in a way that’s easily accessible. Editing features and options allow you to:

• Use Auto Fix to improve video quality
• Add links to your videos
• Include invitations to “subscribe” to your videos to encourage casual viewers to become subscribers
• Create playlists to group your videos by specific purpose or title (this is a good option if you plan to post a video series)
• Add royalty-free music when appropriate

Promote Your Videos

Make your videos as appealing as possible by using a short, descriptive title for each one. With your description, use a few short sentences to give viewers a good idea of what they’ll be seeing and include tags related to its contents. Put a few relevant keywords in your video descriptions for SEO purposes.

Use the “share” button to automatically post your video to your other social media platforms. You can even send a link to your freshly posted videos in your email newsletters. Click “share file” to copy your video’s code and post it to your website, if it fits in with your site’s content.

Finally, YouTube has convenient reports you can download to see how your video content is performing. Go to the Video Manager tab on your homepage and click on Analytics to access this info. Combine what details you get from your YouTube reports with your other metrics to track additional performance stats such as social media shares and visits to your website that are coming from your YouTube videos.

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