The Low-Down on Using LinkedIn for Your Business

LinkedIn can be an effective way to promote your business. After all, it’s a platform used by more than 60 million professionals worldwide. There’s one person logging in every second, and more than half of all LinkedIn users have some type of decision-making authority within their company. Clearly, there is a lot of potential to use LinkedIn to promote and market your business. Here’s what you need to know and what steps you can take to see results that matter for your business.

Make Good First Impressions with Company and Profile Pages

When people search for your business, they’ll find a company page and various profile pages. The company page is the main profile page for your business. It’s here that first impressions about your brand will be made. Profile pages are specific to different key individuals from your business (e.g., president, CEO, marketing director, higher level employees, etc.). Your LinkedIn company page needs to give visitors a quick snapshot of all the essential facts about your business. LinkedIn profile and company pages can be optimized by:

• Adding new, relevant skills and achievements (for each individual behind your business)
• Including key business attributes or qualities in your summary (to give your business some personality)• Adding a custom header image that’s reflective of your brand

Establish Your Goals and Define Your Audience

What’s your purpose for using LinkedIn? The answer to this question will help you set your goals as you decide what you hope to achieve for your business by using this particular platform. Potential purposes for using LinkedIn include:

• Generating Leads
• Increasing brand awareness
• Establishing your business as a reliable source of information within your industry

Define your audience based on your goals. For instance, if you primarily want to generate leads with LinkedIn, you would likely be targeting decision makers at other businesses likely to need what you offer.

Optimize Your Company Page to Reach Your Target Audience

By using SEO techniques to optimize your company page on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to gain visibly within your target audience — including potential customers or clients not currently on LinkedIn. Optimize your company page for search by:

• Inserting relevant keywords in your company profile (ask yourself “What keywords would I use to find my business online?” if you’re not sure which words/termsto use)
• Creating links to your company page from your website, blog, and other social pages
• Frequently producing and sharing relevant content
• Publishing updates from your company page so your content will get indexed by Google

Build Up Your Number of Followers

The more followers you have, the more of an asset LinkedIn will become for your business. Start with your employees. These are people likely to be your best brand advocates. And your employees are also a great source of additional content, which also helps generate interest in your brand. Further, attract followers by:

• Including a link to your company page in your email newsletters
• Using your blog posts and social posts to gently encourage people to follow you
• Adding a follow button to your website

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