Is Your Content Working For You?

Not all content is created equal. Nor should it be. In fact, the purpose of content that’s designed to attract leads and inspire conversions is to address the needs of certain customers. But why? For the simple reason that people typically search online to solve problems or find the information, they need to make confident purchase decisions. Now, let’s take a look at what it means to have content that’s actually working for you and the searchers you want to view it.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Unless you’re one of the “big guys,” most searchers probably aren’t automatically familiar with your brand. Content that’s working for you should be able to give searchers a better understanding of your business in terms of who you are, what you offer, and what values you embrace. Content designed to increase brand awareness should go beyond basic sales content and include:

• Engaging social media and blog posts
• Personalized emails and email newsletters
• Informative video content
• Optimized online profiles that provide a quick summary of your business

Establishing Authority and Trust

Searchers today are more informed than ever before. They need a compelling reason to choose your brand over another one that’s offering the same products or services. This is why content that’s really working for you should establish credibility within your industry or niche. But what can you do to give searchers reasons to trust your brand?

• Encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback online
• Attract backlinks to your content from trusted websites or blogs
• Post informative articles that highlight your knowledge of your industry
• Highlight unique features of your business (e.g., eco-friendly installation practices, free estimates, 24/7 customer support)

Increasing Online Visibility

If your content isn’t optimized for search engines, it’s not going to do your brand any favors. Yes, you want to write content for real people, not search engines. However, there are ways to find a happy medium with content that gets the right kind of attention from both website crawlers and actual searchers. It’s an achievable goal with an SEO strategy that includes:

• Relevant keywords
• Separate and unique meta descriptions for each webpage
• Geo-specific content that helps attract the attention of local searchers
• Content presented with descriptive titles and short paragraphs

The key to successful results with online marketing is content that’s relevant and geared towards the intended audience. The team at Create Web Studios can help you put together an effective strategy that also includes a well-designed website and measurable results.

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