The Importance of Thank You Pages

Never underestimate the value of a simple thank you. This is just as true when you order a cup of coffee as it is when someone makes a purchase or takes the desired action on your website. Many websites include some form of a “thank you” message as part of the confirmation page. But it can be even more effective if you make it a separate page. Here’s what need to know about the importance of thank you pages and how you can effectively use them.

Thank You Pages Provide Reassurance

The basic purpose of a thank you page is to reassure a visitor to your site that their order has been accepted, usually with an order confirmation number. Normally, it’s a page that users are automatically redirected to after filling out a form on your website. It’s also a good way to express gratitude for someone who opted to interact with your brand beyond browsing your site.

Conversion Rate, SEO, AnalyticsConversions Can Be Tracked

Thank You pages can do more than just allow you to show your appreciation to customers. Unique thank you pages can also make it easier to track conversions. Such data can also help you:

• Know if you need to up your SEO game
• Determine if there’s something about your website that’s discouraging conversions
• Compare conversions to other stats such as bounce rates and total number of visitors to your site

Thank You Pages Create Brand Advocates

Go beyond an order confirmation number and “thank you” message by using your thank you page to create brand advocates. One way to do this is by encouraging visits to your social media pages. Your thank you page can also be used to:

• Offer an option to sign up for your email newsletter
• Suggest customers share news of their purchase on their social pages
• Encourage customers to leave feedback or post a review

Get More Useful Customer Data

Some businesses use thank you pages to include quick surveys to get some useful insights about what’s inspiring visitors. Survey questions also give you a better idea of what’s motivating your visitors. You can also build case studies if you want to explore customer behaviors in depth to fine-tune your marketing efforts.

Upselling Opportunities

By the time a visitor has made it to your thank you page, they’ve already reached a point where they trust your business. This gives you an opportunity to suggest other products you offer, either one that is of higher quality or related accessories or products.

Think of your thank you page as an opportunity to get visitors to your site more involved with your brand. The good thing about thank you page interactions is that you are reaching out to customers who have already decided that you offer something of value to them so it will be easier to encourage further engagement with your brand at this point.

A well-crafted thank you page is just one way you can make your brand more appealing and personal for your customers. Turn to the team at Create Web Studios for a fresh, innovative approach to website design that includes the right attention to the details that matter most to your business. We also offer assistance with your other online marketing needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.