Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

The interactive and highly personal, real-time nature of social media has made it a powerful marketing tool. And social media marketing that’s done right can lead to increased visibility and brand awareness and even result in more traffic back to your website and an uptick in conversions. Effective social media engagement can also be a good way to inspire customer loyalty.

Make Customer Interactions Personal

Go beyond offering daily tips or posing questions to encourage engagement and really get personal with your customers as much possible. There’s something to be said for people wanting their own personal moments of fame, so give your customers their own social spotlight by:

• Responding to individual comments (e.g., “We couldn’t agree more, great comment!”)
• Following some of your followers on their own social pages
• Liking some of the content (video, photos, etc.) posted to your pages

Provide Reasons to Be Loyal

Loyalty should have some perks. Take advantage of the fact that people like getting insider info, so offer “sneak peaks” of upcoming deals or promotions via various social platforms before you fully launch your promotional efforts on your website. Offering exclusive social media deals and mentioning a few details about products or services that will be coming soon are other incentives to consider to encourage loyalty.

Encourage Reviews

People love sharing their opinions online. Yet some brands are reluctant to actively encourage product and service reviews. Sure, you may get some negative feedback, but even those reviews can be turned into something positive if you show an honest desire to address valid issues.

Offer Social Reward Programs

More than 80 percent of social media time is spent on mobile devices, so why not offer loyalty perks for on-the-go customers? Such programs provide an extra reason for customers to keep visiting your social pages and encourage regular interactions when purchases are made. Third party apps like Stampt can replace the old punch card systems by allowing customers to earn or redeem points for purchases with a swipe at the time of purchase.

Turn Followers into Brand Advocates

Studies suggest millennials, in particular, tend to be brand loyal. If you’re actively engaging your customers in a meaningful way, the resulting customer loyalty could eventually turn your followers into brand advocates willing to spread the word about your business to others. This is a potential payoff that can be priceless for most brands in today’s competitive world.

The key to encouraging customer loyalty is to have a solid social media marketing strategy in place. If you need some help getting to this point, the team at Create Web Studios is here to help. From SEO implementation and tracking to user-friendly website design, we provide an assortment of online marketing services designed to enhance your brand’s image and foster mutually beneficial customer relationships. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.