Click Thru Rate (CTR): What You Need to Know

When you do anything online that’s geared towards generating conversions or website visits, clicks matter. This is especially true with links intended to produce revenue at some point. All of this click talk brings us to click-through rate. In basic terms, CTR is the percentage of searchers who click a link to get to its related webpage. Read on to brush up on all things CTR-related.

Measuring Ad Success

Click-through rate is one of the key factors that will determine the success of your online ads. Ideally, you want a high CTR to support your site and maximize your return on investment. Statistically, typical CTRs tend to be fairly low (about two users per thousand views), primarily because many website visitors and online searchers are conditioned to ignoring ads.

Click-Through Rate Applications

While commonly associated with paid advertising, CTR can be applied to various digital campaigns. In addition to paid search, CTR can also be measured for email campaigns and display ads. CTR won’t tell you why someone decided to click. However, it can give you some important info about the effectiveness of:

Calculating CTR

CTRs for both ads and emails are calculated the same way. The difference with email click-through rates is that you may also look at how many times recipients click on any of the links in your emails. CTRs for email campaigns may be combined with open rates and bounce rates (how many clickers bail once they click to your site). With CTRs for paid ads, conversion rates are usually considered as well to determine how many clicks are actually leading to the desired action.

Improving CTR

Just because people have a tendency to ignore ads doesn’t mean efforts can’t be made to place them in front of searchers likely to be interested. One way to do this is with well-planned PPC ads. Segmented email campaigns can be an equally effective tactic. With PPC, upping your click-through rate can have a domino effect on your other AdWords’ stats, namely your cost-per-click (how much you pay each time an ad is clicked). Your CTR may improve if you:

Click-through rates are largely influenced by your ad placement or email campaign strategy, as well as the relevance and quality of the content that’s supposed to be inspiring clicks. If you’re not seeing the CTR or corresponding results with conversion rates you were expecting, make your online ads and related efforts more likely to generate productive clicks by partnering with our online marketing team.

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