Crisis Communication Plan

Having a crisis communication plan During Covid-19 and beyond 

Hello everyone!

Here at Create Studios, we are cruising through COVID-19 life and acclimating to the new normal. As mentioned in the video above, crisis communication is incredibly important. Unfortunately, most of us have to learn this the hard way. You know, like when a pandemic ravages populations around the world and is the catalyst for a global economic meltdown. Sound familiar?

Fortunately — for us and most of you — lesson learned. These past few months came with an incredibly steep learning curve and a whole lot of uncertainty. The good news is that we can acknowledge that classifying life as we currently know it as the new normal means we are coming out of the crisis, adapting to the fallout, and making intentional and strategic decisions as we move forward.

I think that collectively, we need to document all the processes we have in place for the day-to-day now, so that if a crisis of this magnitude happens again, we will be equipped to act quickly and efficiently. Use what you learned during this precursor to the apocalypse to create a concrete crisis communication plan. You never know when you’re going to need it!

As the economy starts to reopen, remember the three steps learned here today: 

1. Reach out to your clients to let them know you care 
2. Communicate important company news with your audience
3. Start thinking about your marketing now

Final advice for your communication plan.

  1. Hire a PR Firm or Marketing Consultant Who Specializes in Crisis Communication 
  2. Lean on your local agencies to tell you the best strategy for connecting with your current and Future Clients
  3. Silence is a reputation killer. Let your audience know you are there to provide quality services and they are important to you.

Stay excellent, 
Jess Rogers 

Create Studios WordSmith and Web Team Lead