Case Study—Crystal Valley Foods

Crystal Valley Foods is a leading grower and importer of top quality produce from Mexico, Central America, and South America.  They are one of the largest importers and distributors of asparagus in the USA and the largest single importer of specialty vegetables from Guatemala. With offices and facilities in Miami and Los Angeles and other convenient entry points, they are able to distribute product across the United States and Canada.

The Goal

Crystal Valley Foods wanted a website redesign that supported their brand, was more user-friendly, and was optimized for mobile.

After an initial meeting to zero in on Crystal Valley’s vision, mission, brand positioning, expected growth, customer acquisition channels, and competitors, Create Studios set to work.  Over the next 10 weeks, the project came together beautifully and the new website launched in June 2017. Read on below to see how we brought Crystal Valley’s vision to reality.

Hero Image and Navigation:

Easy, Clean, Fresh

The first things that website users see are the hero image and the navigation menus. We used a slider that shows 2 images of fresh produce, and one image of vegetables growing in a field. The choice of images supports the message of vertical integration—Crystal Valley cares about all aspects of the food production process, from field to fork.  A drop-down navigation box showcases products in a way that allows users to see the full product range at a glance.


In Service of Your Products and Your Clients

The site lay-out organizes all the different aspects of the company in an easy-to-absorb, logical, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing way. No user coming to a website should ever wonder where to find something they are looking for. To make navigating easy on both mobile and desktop devices, we used a long-scrolling landing page in addition to the top navigation menu. In this way, as users scroll down, they are able to discover for themselves what the company has to offer, but those people who come to the website knowing exactly what they need,can go straight to the top navigation.

Mobile Optimization:

Not Optional Anymore

It is critical these days to have a site that is optimized for mobile. Even if the majority of your users still come to your site on desktop, google penalizes sites that are not fully optimized by lowering their ranking in organic search results.

Fulfilling a Brand Promise:

Subtle Details Matter

A brand tells people on a subliminal level what your business is all about. The Crystal Valley brand is about fresh food, efficiency, organization, sustainability, and expansion. We needed to show all of those qualities through our choice of colors, images, fonts and also layout.  Most people who come to a site won’t look at the individual details of the design but they will walk away with an overall impression of a company’s brand. Our job is to make sure that what they walk away with is in line with what the company wants to project. In web design, nothing is by accident. Even the smallest details matter like, for example, whether a button is square or rounded and how far apart buttons are spaced from one another. Everything creates a feeling in the viewer and the feeling has to support the brand.

Take for example the two images below. In the first image, you’ll see that the buttons are green, dark blue and square. That gives a feeling of efficiency. But note the soft, subtle back-ground image. This background image balances out the efficiency of the buttons so that the company does not come across as clinical, but warm and friendly.

In the second image, you’ll see the operations broken down into products, growing regions, and distribution. Right below is an image of a smiling woman and right above is a slider showing fresh string beans. This careful juxtapositioning supports the idea that even though growers and distribution are integral aspects of the business, the mission of the company is to bring the freshest produce possible to consumers.

Working with Crystal Valley Specialty Produce to provide them with a site that is beautiful and functional was a real pleasure. Using our skills to do what we love and what we are good at to help our clients do what they love and what they are good at gives us great satisfaction.

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