How can I use SEO to get more Traffic

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is a form of internet marketing where you improve your website’s ranking in search engine results. In a world where Google gets 40,000 searches every second, this is very important for digital marketers.

On Page SEO

The first step is to optimize your website’s design for SEO purposes. Start by setting up all of your meta tags.

These tags are part of the HTML code of your site which tells search engines what the website is about. You can use this information to help them figure out who to show your site to.

Here’s the list of meta tags:

Pay special attention to the description tag. The text in that tag is displayed underneath your site’s name on search websites. This has a huge impact on your site’s ability to attract new visitors.


It is highly advisable to keep an updated blog on your website. Every time you post new content to the site, search engines notice this and bump up your search ranking a little bit. If you blog regularly, you will be a better SEO practitioner.

Not sure what to blog about? Here are a few ideas:
Off Page SEO

Whenever somebody links to your website, it boosts your SEO ranking.

Search engines assume that websites with more backlinks are higher quality websites.

A good way to make this happen is to reach out to other non-competitors in your industry. If you get to know other people and can show them your website, they will become more likely to link to it.

Get Started Today

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