Behind Every Business: Jeff Venn

Behind every business is a cool and Inspirational Story which often features:

We know that every business, just like every person, has a story. Often those stories are deeply personal and, also, incredibly inspirational.

In our monthly series “Behind Every Business”, we ask founders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders to share the stories of what worked and didn’t work, what inspired them and what keeps them going on the road to success.

In our first installment, the Create Studios Team interviewed Jeff, founder of Create Studios, a web design and online marketing company based in Jacksonville, FL.

We asked Jeff the following three questions:
  1. Please tell us how and why Create Studios got started?
  2. What is your secret to success?
  3. Where do you see Create Studios going in the future?
If you know someone who has a cool story or a lot of experience and wisdom, please let us know. We love to have a variety of voices.