8 Types of CTAs

Call-to Action Must-Haves on Your Website

Online marketing is like a journey along a big highway. In order to keep traffic flowing to the intended destination, you need to give searchers the right directions (e.g., links back to your site, paid ads, off-page SEO) to get there. But if it’s unclear what should be done when the endpoint (your website) is reached, a steady stream of traffic isn’t going to be very useful. Enter the call-to-action (CTA); a short blurb of text that tells visitors to your website what action you want them to take next. Now, here are eight common types of CTAs for your consideration.

1. Lead Generation

These CTAs are the ones designed to turn new visitors into leads. CTAs of this nature are often placed at the end of blog posts, in a sidebar, or in floating banners. The purpose is to clearly say what a visitor will get when they click in order to encourage further engagement. Examples: “Click for more tips,” “Visit our products page.”

2. Form Submission

Form submission CTAs are placed on the pages of your website where visitors are entering contact info. At this point, they’re already on a landing page and interested enough to actually provide some personal info. But consider offering something of value (e.g., “Download your free e-book”) in place of “Submit” to provide a reward for submitting the form.

3. ‘Read More’ CTA

There are places on your website where it doesn’t make sense to display every bit of content in full. For instance, a home improvement website’s homepage might have blurbs about Window Replacement and Kitchen Remodels with only the intro paragraph displayed under each one.

The CTA that follows would be “Read More.” Interested visitors can then click that CTA to be taken to the page with the rest of the content. CTAs like this are appealing because they allow you to put more content on a single page in a way that’s more organized and enticing to visitors. The same concept can be used on your blog’s main page to highlight popular or new posts.

4. Product/Service Discovery

If you are highlighting multiple products or services on your product/service page, you want to give a general overview of what’s offered. The CTA comes into play when you want to convince visitors to get to know what you have to offer in greater detail. So, you might use a CTA like “View our new product features” or “Click for a full list of our yard care services.”

5. Social CTAs

What makes social CTAs so effective is that they’re so low in commitment. All you are doing is simply asking visitors to share a particular piece of content with their social friends. Further, encourage social sharing by adding some personality to the CTA. Example: “Like what you read? Click to share it!”

6. Lead Nurturing/Nudging

This is the type of CTA you want to use when want to convince hesitant leads to take the next step. The biggest barrier here is usually not being sure about actually paying for something. So, CTAs for situations like this typically include: “Call now for a free estimate” or “Sign up for your free trial today.”

7. Sales-Focused CTAs

With sales-focused CTAs, you’ve already got leads interested and ready to take action. You just want to encourage them to actually wrap up the process with your sales team. CTAs for this purpose might include: “Ready to customize your service plan? Contact our sales team” or “Let us get you set up today. Click now to speak with a sales rep.”

8. Event Promotion CTAs

So, you have this amazing event you are holding, or maybe you are hosting a live streaming event. Whatever the nature of your event happens to be, the right CTA can generate interest and get more people involved with it. CTAs like this can be used for just about anything where you want to encourage participation. Examples: “Register today,” “Confirm your attendance,” or “Get your ticket now.”

CTAs are often added at the bottom of a page. However, there are times when it makes sense to place multiple CTAs within content, especially if you know visitors will be coming to your website at different points in the buying process. If you’re not sure about which CTAs will work for your site or where to place them for maximum impact, do some A/B tests to see what produces the best results for you.

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