6 Email Marketing Opportunities Most Business Owners Miss

A wise proverb teaches us that:

“a bird in the hand is better than two in the field.”


What does this mean in business?

Marketing to people who have already shown interest in your business (the bird in your hand) is much easier than finding new prospects for your business (the two birds in the field).

So who are the six birds in your hand?

Your Customers Past, Present, and Future

  1. Past customers who have previously worked with you
  2. Present customers are those who you currently serve
  3. Prospective customers are those who are interested, but not ready to buy

Don’t Forget About Your Business Network

Your business network includes those who have a vested interest in your success. From investors to sister industries, these people are a great source of referrals and warm leads. This list includes:

  1. People you do business with, such as strategic partners, vendors, and suppliers
  2. People you network with at trade shows, industry events, and business forums
  3. People with a vested interest in your business including investors, friends, and industry peers

But how do you reach them through email marketing?

You’re already sitting on lots of useful, relevant content that your six audiences are ready to consume.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Your Company Info : We All Love a Personal Connection

Product and Service Info : You’re the Expert, Share the Wealth

Useful Industry Content: Add Value with No Strings Attached

The three steps are really quite simple:

  1. Put your content together in an email newsletter.
  2. Pick a frequency and stick to it, such as monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly.
  3. Get ready to generate a flurry of new opportunities every time you send your email newsletter.

What results can you expect from your email marketing?

Email marketing is a surprisingly affordable and effective way to reach your audience. According to Venture Beat “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI” *

Every email newsletter you send will:

Case Study: How Email Marketing Helped Our Own Business Grow

Every email generates a boost of new business opportunities. This is what happened after we sent our first email newsletter.
Email Newsletter Design

First we sent our newsletter to our Present Customers.

Notice how the open rate is far higher than the industry average open rate.

If you know your customers and if you provide great content that is useful to them in a well-designed format, they will want to read what you have to say.


Past Customers and Network

Then we sent it to a list of past customers and our larger network. Once again the open rate was double the industry average (relevant content and great design will do that). Because this list was much larger, we got an incredible 400 opens and almost a 100 clicks. That is a great ROI.


Measurable Results

Our first email newsletter resulted in two opportunities that we closed

Closed a New Website Redesign Project
After trying on their own for a year and failing with other web marketing companies, a great customer contacted us right after reading our email newsletter and we landed the deal a year after our first proposal.

Closed a Recurring Online Marketing Project
For another customer we did a fabulous job of designing and maintaining their website over the last few years. They contacted us about online marketing after our email newsletter was sent.

We work with many strategic partners, such as IT companies, and PR people who send business our way.

The email newsletter is one of the best online marketing strategies to consider. It communicates to current customers that “we’re on our game” and a trusted source for the referrals they send our way.