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27 Oct 21

Account Manager Job Posting

Account Manager Role Digital Marketing Agency The account manager role exists to delight and retain our customers through excellent communication and producing measurable results. With a strong grasp of digital marketing, you’ll ensure our internal team is working to deliver the results we promised. Working together with the CEO, you will continually fine-tune and improve […]

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05 May 20

Crisis Communication Plan

Fortunately — for us and most of you — lesson learned. These past few months came with an incredibly steep learning curve and a whole lot of uncertainty. The good news is that we can acknowledge that classifying life as we currently know it as the new normal means we are coming out of the […]

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17 Apr 20

PPC & Digital Ads Explained

Why Your Business Needs It Even if you’ve optimized your website for organic search by including keywords, it can take time to reach a high rank on the search engine results page (SERP) for your targeted terms. PPC advertising using Google AdWords can get you top placement for your targeted search terms quickly. It is […]

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16 Apr 20

This Month’s Secret Cool Thing To Do in Jacksonville

What Could Be More Romantic? Most locals will tell you the best view of Jacksonville is from the water. Jacksonville offers plenty of secret waterway spots that could only be accessed by kayak or canoe. Read this cool article if you want to find out where your kayak could get you in Jacksonville. What could […]

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12 Apr 20

8 Types of CTAs

Call-to Action Must-Haves on Your Website Online marketing is like a journey along a big highway. In order to keep traffic flowing to the intended destination, you need to give searchers the right directions (e.g., links back to your site, paid ads, off-page SEO) to get there. But if it’s unclear what should be done […]

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